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The donkeys are often seen charging about the paddock or can be heard braying when they see a staff member if they are waiting for dinner! When the weather is not to their liking though they will take themselves off to their house.   

Although donkeys are from the same family as the horse and are often seen as just stubborn versions with longer ears, they are very different, physically, mentally and emotionally.  A donkey can hear another donkey up to 60 miles away in their native deserts.   

Our Donkeys are part of the Guardianship scheme run by the Donkey Sanctuary. for more details.  

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Group 32 - Kingston Maurward Gardens & Animal Park

It was a lovely place to visit. Free parking and entrance. Plenty for all ages to enjoy. We would have liked to know more about the history and present use of the house, park and garden. The cellar cafe sold the most scrumptious white chocolate cake ever! My first time tasting coffee in a bag, not too bad at all.😊 The children will love the small animal, inside and outside play areas.

Barbara (Grace)

4 weeks ago

Group 32 - Kingston Maurward Gardens & Animal Park

A great place to explore and get outside. Expansive gardens, a small animal park, a lake, and the house itself. And FREE admission, you don’t even pay to park! Can’t say that about too many attractions these days. Means you can definitely enjoy a coffee and cake in the café 😉

Jonathan Carre

6 months ago

Group 32 - Kingston Maurward Gardens & Animal Park

Always a wonderful day out, can’t believe it’s still free. Took my daughters of 9 and 12 and we spent over 5 hours here. We took a picnic and purchased ice creams too. So many places to explore and animals to see.

Lorna McQueen

6 months ago

Group 32 - Kingston Maurward Gardens & Animal Park

This is free! The gardens are amazing to explore, cafe with a small play area and small playground outside too – fabulous stop over if you’re going West. Cafe doesn’t have a huge selection but the play area trumped this. Animal park has goats, ducks, donkeys etc, nothing too exciting but it was good for us to stretch our legs mid journey. Garden was incredible, so many hidden paths, steps and places to explore and picnic. Can’t believe it was free.


Nat Miller

8 months ago

Group 32 - Kingston Maurward Gardens & Animal Park

Outstanding place to bring children, and for free! This is the sort of place English Heritage would charge you £20 to visit and £5 to park in. Free indoor children’s play area with lovely cafe. Loads of very happy animals to see and wonderful gardens to walk around. Shame about the older chavy students we saw brazenly throwing litter onto the field, disgusting.


10 months ago

Group 32 - Kingston Maurward Gardens & Animal Park

Free entry to animal park with llamas, donkeys, goats, pigs, geese, etc. Lovely formal garden ‘rooms’ great to amble around or play hide and seek with kids. Sloping lawn from house to lake a lovely spot to laze on a sunny day. Great wildlife walk around the lake. Also has cafe, shop and indoor play area for younger kids. Outdoor climbing frame etc for under 10s.

Ian W

3 weeks ago

Group 32 - Kingston Maurward Gardens & Animal Park

Excellent attraction and free of charge to enter. Would highly recommend. Easy to find and good parking available. Includes small estate shop and cafe on site. Milk vending machine located outside. Good selection of animals all of which look to be in good health.

Adrian J

a Year ago

Group 32 - Kingston Maurward Gardens & Animal Park

Absolutely brilliant – free to get in, enough animals to entertain little ones, brilliant indoor and outdoor play areas, beautiful grounds, decent coffee in the cafe and dogs allowed pretty much everywhere! The perfect destination for my 2&4 year old girls and 8 year old greyhound

Alison Bates

8 months ago

Group 32 - Kingston Maurward Gardens & Animal Park

Brilliant place for youngster’s, it’s free to enter and has all of the animals and some lovely walks around gardens and grounds. They often have trails for children to do. Plus there is the milk shake shed at the entrance.. And they have a Cafe and soft play. Frankly this place is a brilliantly kepy secret. It just great, we go there regularly.

Brendan Hampshire

2 months ago

Group 35 1 - Kingston Maurward Gardens & Animal Park

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To enjoy a great fun day out that is perfect for all the family, admission is free for the Animal Park & Gardens! You can enjoy the animals including goats, ponies, pigs and ducks over and over again! Donations welcome.

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